The commitment of our company, which began as Laboratório Bergamo (Bergamo Laboratory), is to seek, in the potential of science and of consolidated molecules, differentials and opportunities for patients suffering from difficult-to-treat and high-prevalence diseases, through research, development, manufacturing and the achievement of incremental differentials in essential therapies and services, such as new presentations and technical attributes that bring greater comfort, safety and ease of use. This work begins with active listening and research with patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders in the segment, fundamental for understanding the complexities involved in treatments.

Thus, during the development of our medicines, we study and understand the molecules while we seek to meet the needs of the market, looking for implementing new technical attributes that can add value in terms of the use and quality of the products in our portfolio.

Áreas terapêuticas Disponibilidade

We focus on therapeutic areas in which there is a high incidence of diseases and, consequently, a greater number of patients who need to be treated, as we believe that, by increasing the availability and access to the necessary medicines and health services, we are fulfilling our mission of helping patients as we also contribute to reducing disease burdens.

Bergamo operates in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market guided by its commitment to quality and innovation. In 1992, back when the company was still called Laboratório Bergamo, its manufacturing plant was opened in the city of Taboão da Serra, in the state of São Paulo. In 2009, with the injectables area in full operation, it has become one of the main manufacturers of oncological injectables in Brazil.

When acquired by the multinational pharmaceutical Amgen in 2011, Bergamo becomes even more strategic and essential for the health sector, promoting access and offering more possibilities of treatment in three main therapeutic areas: onco-hematology, general medicine and hospital segment. All of this done with international standards, high quality and criteria of one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world, Amgen.

Three main therapeutic areas: onco-hematology, general medicine and hospital segment

Since the acquisition, we have put into practice an audacious portfolio and pipeline planning to enhance our partnership and performance at the pursuit of our patient's well-being and quality of life, driven by investments of about R$ 50 million. This way, we became the Amgen Brasil group, present in our patients lives through our medicines, whether Amgen (innovative biologicals and biosimilars) or Bergamo (generics and similar medicines).

Amgen - Biosimilar, Innovative, Similar and Generic

Setting a high-quality standard and science-based products.

All generations of treatment together to serve patients.

All this work is conducted and guided by the values shared by both companies – ethics, scientific foundations, trust and mutual respect, guaranteeing recognition for our high standards in the manufacturing processes and the high quality of our medicines, resulting in important benefits while prioritizing those who are the focus of our mission: the patients.