Business Development

Business Development

Our pipeline focuses on studying the diseases and offering different generations of treatment to better serve our patients.

In Oncology

Representing 70% of the portfolio, we foresee waves of new products development aiming to bring complete treatment solutions for each disease, in other words, offering different therapy options for a comprehensive performance and with more possibilities for patients and healthcare professionals.

In the Hospital Segment and in General Medicine

Corresponding to 30% of the portfolio, we also structure our new developments in waves, objecting to bring solutions by areas and types of treatments.

To build this future, we are putting our efforts into

Research & Development

Research & Development: we have a local R&D center with a team of scientists and pharmaceutical technicians prepared and focused on national research and development of new products.

Development using Quality by Design

Development using Quality by Design and the newest scientific trends, allied to Amgen's high-quality procedures and standards and following all national regulatory standards.

The Quality by Design (QbD) methodology advocates that all problems that could affect the quality of the final product are related to the way it was developed. It requires systematic studies of the factors that can affect performance during the production until the final product. These factors are based on criteria related to quality risk management and process control.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the challenge is to ensure that the various stages of medicine development and production follow all regulatory requirements to prove their safety and that they comply with the required specifications. For the Amgen group, the successful implementation of QbD concepts imply a deep understanding of the product, its technical attributes and processes involved, and also requires cooperation between our various teams, from research & development to manufacturing, quality control and regulatory affairs.

By utilizing QbD principles and adhering to regulatory requirements, we follow a systematic approach to develop our medicines, that starts with predefined goals and emphasizes broad product knowledge, understanding and process control, always based on solid science and quality risk management.

Quality by Design (QbD)


In addition to Amgen global partnerships, Bergamo has pipeline partnerships with multinational companies in co-development and licensing of finished products and intends to continue expanding this range of partners.

As innovation is in our DNA, we also develop studies of new complex products, as well as exportation initiatives for Bergamo products and incremental innovation of molecules already established in the market. To achieve this, we have entered into complex licensing and co-development partnerships for drug delivery technology products. The current Bergamo partners* are:

Drug delivery partnerships

Bergamo is always open to new partnership opportunities that can benefit patients. If you represent an institution in the health sector and are interested in proposing a project to us, please contact our Business Development and Exportation team via email.


Bergamo's quality is recognized by major health-related institutions that are a reference throughout the country. If you want to learn more about our services and medicines, contact our Customer Service Center to request the contact from a Bergamo representative in your region.

Customer Service Center

*Trademarks of Roche, Astellas, Betta, Advaxis, BeiGene, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Arrowhead, Dr. Reddy's, Kite Pharma, Cytokinetics, Nuevolution, Merck, Dong-a Pharm, Teijin, Xencor, Servier, Alembic, Medytox, Xellia, Galenicum